Enjoy a Number of Seafood Restaurants at Pier 39

May 15, 2018
Category: Things to do in San Francisco

PIER 39 is one of the most renowned tourist attractions of San Francisco. This pier is filled with shops and eateries, and is known for hosting many events throughout the year. Known for having an inviting and welcoming atmosphere, PIER 39 is best known for the sheer variety of restaurants located within the area. To anyone in search of a fantastic seafood restaurant within San Francisco, PIER 39 is certainly the place to find it.

About the Restaurants at Pier 39

One of the highlights of dining at PIER 39 is that, no matter what you’re hungering for, there is an eatery available to satisfy that appetite. There are many eateries within the area, which serve many kinds of dishes, and are certain to make your dining experience at PIER 39 one to remember. There are fine dining restaurants at the pier, dining areas which offer happy hour, candy and dessert shops, and even snack shops. Some of these restaurants even feature tasting rooms. The pier features 13 full-service restaurants, and many more food opportunities within the area. No matter what you’re craving, you’re certain to find the perfect restaurant at PIER 39. More information on these eateries can be found here.

PIER 39 is renowned for the live musical performances it houses; these performances showcase musicians and many different genres of music. Often taking place in the Entrance Plaza, these performances are occasionally hosted within some of the eateries on the pier. The dates and locations of these musical performances can be found here.

There are plenty of things to do while dining at PIER 39. As well as being a hot-spot location for food, PIER 39 also features a variety of specialty shops, as well as abundant clothing and accessory stores. Many visitors to the area enjoy perusing at body care or jewelry stores while in the area as well. More information on these shops can be found here.

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